By: Muhammad Jarir

Every prayer must be answered. So, keep praying to Allah SWT and ask for all that is needed, He will surely grant it.

As confirmed in the Quran which have the meaning, “And your Lord said, pray to Me, I will surely grant it for you.” Surely those who have greed from worshiping Me will go to hell in contempt.”(Surat al-Mu’min: 60).

In another verse, Allah SWT confirms,” ​​And if my servant asks about Me, then (answered), that I am near. I grant the prayers of those who pray when he asks me, then they should fulfill (all my commandments) and they should believe in me, so that they are always in the truth. (Surat al-Baqarah: 186).

The two verses above expressly instruct us to always pray for all needs, both in the world and moreover for life in the hereafter. The only problem is that not all prayers are answered directly by Allah SWT.

There are some that are answered immediately, some are slowed down, some are postponed, and some are replaced with something bigger in reward.

Other traditions make us optimistic that each prayer is certainly granted, in the hadith narrated by Imam Muslim from Abu Hurairah.

The core of the hadith explains, the prayer of every servant is answered as long as it does not contain sin, does not decide on friendship, and not in a hurry. A similar hadith also came from Anas bin Malik, narrated by Imam ibn Majah.

Then, what should we say in every prayer? About this, we can imitate the prayers that the Messenger of Allaah delivered. Broadly speaking, the Apostle’s prayer is divided into two, namely prayer that involves a request (request) and prayer in the form of protection. Prayers relating to the request include prayers for guidance, piety, forgiveness, enrichment (wealth of heart), and set hearts in religion (HR Ibnu Majah).

As for prayers relating to protection, among them, prayers to avoid the torment of hellfire, the torment of the grave, slander (test) life and death, avoid the ugliness of good deeds that have been and will be done. HR by Ibnu Majah).

Thus, through prayer we can get two benefits at once. First, profits will be avoided from the wrath of Allah SWT because those who leave prayer are arrogant and wrathful people. Second, the benefits will be granted for every prayer we offer. Therefore, it is for those who don’t pray, and lucky for those who always pray. So, don’t stop praying!


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