Air pollution in the middle of a traffic jam, the risks of mercury exposure from seafood to the risk of water contamination. Every day, the body is always exposed to various contaminants that enter the body. If poisons or toxins that enter the body settles, not removed, it will harm the body.

Fortunately, some foods have the ability to enhance the body’s ability to take the fight against toxins. Here are seven foods that can help the body protected from exposure to toxins.

Broccoli sprouts
Research conducted in the most polluted areas in China, the Yangtze River Delta region, found that consuming beverages from broccoli sprouts can reduce the threat of long-term health risks caused by air pollution. Based on these studies, broccoli sprouts contain antioxidant compounds that may stimulate spending toxins from the body named glucaraphanin. Glucaraphanin contained in broccoli sprouts known to be very high.

People with asthma and lung problems will be more vulnerable to the threat of air pollution if not consume enough vitamin C. Vitamin C can be useful to increase endurance. One way to get enough vitamin C intakes is by eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C like cabbage.

Olive oil
Researchers have conducted comparative effectiveness of fish oil and olive oil in protecting the body from air pollution. The results showed that olive oil is superior in protection against air pollution. Too much inhaling air pollution will trigger high blood pressure which can lead to stroke or heart attack. With olive oil supplements, studies show that breathing becomes easier.

Sunflower seed
A group of researchers at King’s College London believe that vitamin E can improve the performance of the lungs and reduce the damage caused by particulates, the most dangerous forms of air pollution. Sunflower seeds are foods with high vitamin E content. Consumption of sunflower seeds can be done by adding sunflower seeds into salads or consumed as snacks.

Green tea
Researchers found that green tea can help the body recover from exposure to the substance diffused air allergens, such as animal dander, pollen, up to a variety of toxic chemicals. Because the green tea contains EGCG antioxidant that prevent from histamine and immunoglobulin E which cause allergic reactions.

Probiotics Food
Heavy metals such as lead and mercury can contaminate the air, water to food. Some probiotic bacteria such as lactobacillus can detoxify and prevent the body absorb these harmful substances.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services, a healthy diet rich in calcium can prevent the body absorbing lead contamination. Calcium can be consumed through dairy products and other calcium-rich foods such as green vegetables, quoted from Prevention page.

source : republika.co.id

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