jumat-menabung-cara-berpahala-asah-empatiBANDUNG. On Sunday morning, around 05.00 pm, 11 volunteers of RZ Bandung had gathered at the basecamp of volunteers to coordinate on Jumat Menabung action (Spreading Meal Package). And precisely 06.30 Volunteer of RZ Bandung started to implement Jumat Menabung action.


A total of 11 volunteers were divided into three teams to browse through 3 places, namely Jl. Buah batu, Jl. Gatot Subroto dan Jl. Peta – BKR. “35 meal package will be shared this Friday received from donators, and we are ready to distribute it ” Said Bunga, a volunteer who became coordinator of the action.


“Thanks to the donors and volunteers who still care about us, hopefully Allah reply all your good deeds may you always successful and may Allah bestows you the ease in doing your activity” Said one of the beneficiaries.


“All the prayers that we have received from the beneficiaries, Insya Allah, be a blessing for the donors who have helped smooth our Jumat Menabung action this time,” said Bunga.


Bunga continued, and the spirit they showed is passions for donators to be ready to help others. May Allah always reply to everything from the smallest kindness, and begin to appreciate the merits of the smallest.


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