KADO LEBARAN SHIREEN, ANAK YATIM YANG BERJUANG DEMI CITA-CITA IBUNDA MEDAN. Shireen is one of orphaned students of SD Juara Medan sitting in 1st grade. Shireen’s father left the family when Shireen was in Kindergarten (TK). Now Shireen just stayed with her mother and a younger brother. Left by her father at an early age ‘forced’ Shireen to be more mature and independent. Shireen’s mother also works as a maid in her neighbor who sells Lontong.

In the past when her father was with them, Shireen was jaunty and cheerful, Shireen closer to his father than his mother. Shireen seem more comfortable with her father than her mother. When his father was gone, Shireen was devastated. He became emotional and often appears to lack confidence. On the other hand, As a single parent Shireen’s mother is often confuse how to apply an appropriate attitude toward Shireen. “I want Shireen get religious education and good morals Bu. Moreover, she is now only educated by a mother. “That’s the main reason Ms. Shireen sent her eldest daughter to SD Juara Medan although the distance from home to school is so far. The distances, plus school hours that earlier led to Shireen had to leave earlier than the other school children. Every day, Shireen had to drive 30-45 minutes to get to school.

Shireen had to get out of the house at 6 am and find public transportation directly to the school intersection. From Simpang, Shireen had to walk five minutes. Not to mention waiting for public transportation. For Shireen, it is a challenge. SD Juara Medan has set school hours at 7.15 pm. And because of the difficulties she had to encounter, Shireen often arrive late to school. Coming late turned out to be greatly affected Shireen. Shireen only one who almost every day late Although most children who are late just requested to pick up the trash or watering the flowers, it turns out Shireen feel inferior and this affects her academic development.

To hire a rickshaw to take her to school, Shireen’s mother has no money. Shireen’s mother income just enough for food and survive. “Alhamdulillah, the school has transportation costs assistance program for orphans and underprivileged students. Alhamdulillah there is now a donor who helped to pay Shireen’s transportation. Now she is excited to go to school and never come late anymore. “Last Sunday (12/06) Shireen happiness increases when receiving Eid Gift for orphans (KLY) from RZ’s Donators. KLY is one of Ramadan product from RZ. She smiled widely. Shireen very pleased to have beautiful mukena and new bag. Also she can give a present for his brother. Thanks donators, Shireen is now ready to welcome Eid.

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