JAKARTA. Volunteer of Rumah Zakat West Jakarta held a Campus Volunteer activity on (15/3) with the aim to improve the basic knowledge about volunteer to new volunteers in Srengseng City Forest, West Jakarta.

In this activity, some materials related to efforts to increase the capacity as a volunteer, especially in terms of physical preparation and mental endurance. The activities are divided into several sessions such as land navigation, basic health examination, basic knowledge about mountaineering, travel management, and survival.

“Travel management is very important to be understood by a volunteer. Before traveling, a volunteer must have knowledge of what items are required under, terrain and weather conditions, timing and most important ability to use navigation tools, “said Kak Agung one of the presenters of PALEM UHAMKA alumni on that day.

Sessions that are not less important in the event are Survival sessions. A volunteer is not only required to have the will to help others but also the ability to stay in any situation so that they can still carry out its humanitarian mission. Here volunteers try to practice what has been learned in the previous session, such as packing and building a simple bivouac.

“This activity is very useful for beginners, because with good travel management Insha Allah can minimize the risk. If something happens that is not desirable then we already understand what to do. Principle in the field we are required to work and survive by team, not self-centered. It is like leaving ten and go home ten,” a message from Kak Wahyudi who also has experience of climbing for a long time.

Being a volunteer is not a matter of willingness to give help to others only. Volunteering also includes teamwork skills, how to survive in any condition and maintain a good mentality to keep on humanitarian missions. It is therefore imperative that activities be made in an effort to increase the capacity of a volunteer.

Campus Volunteer activities today are expected to be a good stock for new volunteers. Future views on voluntary activities and ways to train physical and mental readiness.

Izzatul Yazid / Lailatul Istikhomah

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