toothpaste_1 Talking about acne, hormones are usually the main factor triggering excessive acne. In fact, there are many other things that trigger the growth of acne. These factors may include lifestyle and unhealthy food. Reported by Boldsky, there are some habits that it can trigger the growth acne instantly.

Unhealthy Diet

Diet is usually done by reducing the amount of food that has a high fat content. But not a few people who misapply his diet so that trigger acne. Foods like rice, bread, pasta, cookies, chips and the like can trigger the growth of acne instantly. Therefore, it is advisable to implement a healthy diet by eating protein, omega 3, fruit and fresh vegetables to make skin healthy and glowing.


Using fluoride toothpaste can cause a condition commonly known as perioral dermatitis. This is causing pimple around the mouth, nose, and even sometimes in the eye.

Beauty Cream

Studies show that if a person uses thick hand cream and touching the face during the day, is likely to arise pimple especially around the chin.


Pillowcase is a need to make the pillow look more attractive and comfortable. It is advisable to change the pillowcases and bed linen every week. This is done because the bacteria that settle in pillowcases and bed linen can be transferred to the face. So it is possible for acne in large numbers.


Drugs were stored in a closet can also trigger the development of acne. Drugs containing lithium and steroids may be the cause for the increase in the number of acne.


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