Sayyidina Umar bin Khattab told me, one day a man came to meet the Prophet Muhammad to beg, then he gave him. The next day, the man came again, the Prophet also gave him.


The next day, the man came again and again asked, the Prophet gave him. The next day, the man came back to beg, the Messenger of Allah said, “I have nothing now. But, take what you want and make it my debt. If I have something later, I will pay for it.”


Umar’s friend then said, “O Messenger of Allah, do not give beyond your means.” However, the Prophet did not like Umar’s words. Suddenly, came a man from Ansar while saying, “O Messenger of Allah, don’t be afraid, just keep on infusing. Don’t worry about poverty.” Hearing the words of the man earlier, the Prophet smiled, then he said to Umar, “That is what Allah has commanded me.” (HR Turmudzi).


Jubair ibn Mut’im said, when he was with the Messenger of Allāh, suddenly people intercepted and asked half-forcefully that he was cornered to a thorny tree. Then, one of them took his coat. The Prophet paused and exclaimed, “Give me my coat! That is to cover my nakedness. If I had many coats (more than one), I would have shared it with you.” (HR Bukhari).


Umm Salamah, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad told, one day the Prophet entered my house with a pale face. I’m afraid he is sick. “O Messenger of Allah, why is your face pale like this?” I asked. The Prophet replied, “I am pale like this not because of illness, but because I remember the seven dinars that we got yesterday until this afternoon are still under the mattress, and we have not yet donate them.” (Al-Haitsami and the hadiths are valid).


Siti Aisyah RA said, one day, when he was sick, the Messenger of Allāh ordered me to give alms with the seven dinars he kept at home. After telling me to give alms, he then fainted. When he regained consciousness, the Prophet asked again, “Have you donated the money?” “Not yet, because I was very busy yesterday,” I replied.


Rasulullah SAW said, “Why is that so, take the money!”


Once the money was in front of him, the Messenger of Allah then said, “What do you think if I suddenly died, while I had money that had not been used? This money would not save Muhammad if he died now, while he had money that had not been given.” (Ahmad).

Some of the stories above are only a glimpse of the generosity of the Prophet Muhammad. Other stories are like the highest volcanoes that no one will ever be able to match, including their closest friends at the time of his life. The companions of the Messenger of Allah could only imitate the generosity that the Apostle taught, which then added to the long traces of the history of generosity exemplified by the Prophet and his companions.


The beauty of the traces of the generosity of the Prophet Muhammad, is more beautiful what Allah promised for what was given in His way. Therefore, all the companions at that time competed to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet in all things, including generosity. Hopefully, the trace of generosity will continue to be etched on the people of Muhammad until now, as long as we continue to merge into the beautiful trail chain, and teach it to the children and successors of this life.



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