SOLO. 260 thousand tons of garbage coming in daily to Putri Cempo Final Disposal (TPA) located in Mojosongo District, Solo is a major health and environmental problem. Thus said by Public Health Cita Sehat Solo, Anto.

As an effort to overcome the problem, Rumah Zakat together with Cita Sehat as partners in the health sector work together with Mojosongo Urban Village is committed to forming Trash Charity Movement or Trash Bank in neighborhood.

Anto also conveyed, this Trash Charity Movement has a long-term goal length to save health of citizens in Mojosongo. The recycling activity of this waste is a supporting tool for increase motivation in order to manage waste wisely. Moreover it also can produce economically.

“Alhamdulillah 7 neighborhoods join in this movement. We classify according to each condition in order to facilitate the intervention” he added.

Met separately, Riyani from Puskesmas Sibela Village Mojosongo said that garbage is a source of disease that must be solved immediately. Therefore, she strongly supports this program.

“Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat focus on promotive and preventive efforts health one of them through this Garbage Sedekah program. We continue forming collaboration, including with the Kresek Community, stake holders, government and private sector, “said Anto.

Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu 


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