JAKARTA- This year Kemepar and Rumah Zakat are back in cooperation through Rona Nusantara program. The collaboration that began in 2017 is great collaboration in tourism and social fields. This is followed up again in 2019 with the theme “Sharing and Traveling”. Ministry of Tourism will give full support to Rumah Zakat empowered Villages that have potential tourism so that it can attract tourists.

This is a form of Rumah Zakat support to the government to obtain empower tourism potential in Indonesia, and contribute to the government’s mission to reach the target of 20 million foreign tourist visits to Indonesia and 275 million domestic tourist trips in 2019.

This business is packaged in a collaboration program Pesona Indonesia from Kemenpar and Rona Nusantara from Rumah Zakat. Rona Nusantara is a sharing and traveling program specifically to the Empowered Village Rumah Zakat area which displays natural beauty and local characteristics of a village.

The participants who really like traveling, not only have fun in enjoying the natural beauty that exists. They are invited to sharing with local residents about their tourist attractions visit.

Several ways of sharing can be done such as giving motivation classes at local school, Outbound Nusantara with school students, distribution of school equipment, mutual cooperation, environmental cleanliness, service health, and village cinema.

This “Sharing and Traveling” activity can be carried out in several Empowered Villages that has tourism potential such as in Jatimulyo Village, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta to be able to enjoy the Mudal River, and in Mekarsari Village Cimaung Bandung, tourists can enjoy Cipinag waterfall tours while enjoying coffee from the residents’ coffee garden.

Of course there are many more empowered villages that can be visited by scholars. So that through the synergy of this program it is expected that tourist visits will increase and also increase the level of the economy of the citizens. One concept that needs to be appreciated deeply mix and match tourism and social activities.

This effort is also a comprehensive and serious effort from Rumah Zakat to be able to create 1800 Empowered Villages in Indonesia.


Choir / Lailatul Istikhomah

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