KINI DESA PAMOYANAN BISA BAYAR TAGIHAN LISTRIK DENGAN SAMPAHPAMOYANAN. Pamoyanan local community can now use a litter for some kind of payment, such as power, pulse, train tickets or other installment payments in a bank and Pamoyanan trash library, Bogor. “The more they have trash savings, the more they got  other benefits, one of them to pay family’s monthly bills ” Rumah Zakat’s inspiring volunteer said.


“The local communities have a trash bank savings, of saving the money could be used to pay for the electricity or other bill. Snacks for children are also available, at least people can be helped to pay his monthly bills with the garbage they collect” said Elan Jilani instigators of bank and Trash library rubbish on Tuesday (04/04).


The location used by trash bank and trash library is coming from one of Rumah Zakat’s inspiring volunteer by utilizing porch of his house, precisely in Kp.Nagrog RT / RW.002 / 012 Pamoyanan subdistrict South Bogor District. Residents just need to bring trash to a location that has been provided to be weighed. The amounth trash that has been weighed then converted in the form of money. Tehn the number is deposited into trash bank accounts belonging to residents. Money from the sale of the waste will be given to customers for use to pay electricity bills or other needs, such as buying food. Thus, residents just need to collect trash so that the monthly cost like paying the electricity bill can be paid off.


Elan Jaelani revealed the existence of community oriented activities on the environment and have a positive effect for the community to be supported to the maximum, one like trash banks and trash libraries. If continued to be managed well, insya Allah, it will develop into professional trash bank and trash library, as well as address the challenges of waste management in the future.


Elan added, with the payment of electricity bills through the trash, is expected to spur the spirit of the citizens to be more active to collect garbage in the environment. In addition, one of the ways to provide education to the public to be more concerned about the environment, either by not littering. In islampun doctrine taught that cleanliness is part of faith.


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