For people with fever, there is one drug that is considered efficacious. Launched by The Independent, a dietitian from New York, United States, Tracy Lockwood said manuka honey can be a cure for patients with fever. The content of methylglyoxal (MGL) in manuka honey is also useful in reducing runny nose due to fever.

“MGL active ingredients proved to be effective for treating nasal mucus,” Lockwood said. Active honey manuka herb can be an effective treatment for nasal mucus regardless of the source of the disease.

Although the nasal mucus comes from flu or allergies, manuka honey remains effective as a medicine. MGL manuka honey levels are much larger than other normal honey.

One spoon of honey for a cup of camomile tea is very effective for treating nasal mucus. Even it is also useful to provide a sense of relaxation in the body. However manuka honey can work better than ordinary honey.

“Honey is generally able to kill bacteria in the body,” said Lockwood. In addition, manuka honey is believed to treat burns, and also acne treatment.

Manuka honey is not just any honey. This honey is produced in New Zealand, from bees that take the essence of manuka bushes.

The benefits of honey are also used in beauty products. If you have dry elbows or knees, massage with a little honey slowly. Allow honey 30 minutes before rinsing. Honey is also a remedy for minor burns. Not only treat naturally, honey is also able to calm the wound.

Nausea and motion sickness can also be treated with honey. Add a little honey to tea or coffee at breakfast. Finally, honey can be a source of energy reserves for the body. Honey is able to maintain muscle glycogen or stored carbohydrates. So do not be surprised if athletes often consume honey when needed.

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