If you look for delicious food and drinks with high nutrition, you cannot ignore the young coconut. As a tropical country, Indonesia has a lot of young coconut stock that can be utilized by direct drinking.


Apparently, not only so refreshing drink, young coconut has many benefits,. But in addition to relieving thirst, these are some other benefits of drinking young coconut.


  1. Benefits for the skin

Reduces cellulite: Coconut oil can smooth the skin, even disguise cellulite. Josh Ax, MD, recommend mixing 1 tbsp of coconut oil with grape oil and massaging it on the skin.

Reduce wrinkles: wants to stay young and wrinkle free? Coconut oil has the necessary nutrients moisturized and keeps skin collagen.

  1. Health benefits

Smooth digestion: Young coconuts have antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help control parasites. Young coconut also helps the absorption of food juice more effectively.

Eliminates dehydration: Generally, young coconut can restore dehydrated body by fulfilling body electrolyte lost during fasting so that body feel fresh.

Controlling blood sugar levels: Because it contains natural sugar, water and young coconut meat very well meet the body’s energy but does not raise blood sugar levels. Young coconut water keeps blood sugar level stable during breaking fast.

Lowering cholesterol and maintaining hormone balance: According to Harvard Medical School publication, coconut oil contains healthy fats that actually keep the body’s cholesterol, even lower it. Young coconut is also very good to maintain body hormone balance.

So, it is not wrong if you choose young coconut ice as menu takjil for breaking fast. Not just fresh, but also healthy.



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