TEMANGGUNG. Beneficiaries of the Rabbit Livestock program from the Rumah Zakat participated in the training of rabbit urine processing into liquid organic fertilizer (POC).

The training with the theme “Business Meeting and Optimization of Rabbit Cattle” was held on Sunday (10/21) at the house of Mr. Widodo in the Ngumpul Village Kandangan District.

In addition to being attended by Rumah Zakat Beneficiaries from Campursari village, the training was also attended by Temanggung detail stakeholders.

In the event, Agus Mawardi as a trainer who was a practitioner of processing organic fertilizers gave the material in detail and in detail so that it was easily understood by the trainees.

In addition to conveying in theory, Agus Mawardi also guides the direct practice of making POC so that participants better understand how to make it.

During this time rabbit urine produced by breeders is not used properly even most of it is disposed of even if processed into POC can have economic value of Rp. 20-30rb / liter.

“It is hoped that through training and practice in making Liquid Organic Fertilizer, in addition to increasing the skills of farmers in producing POC, it also raises the interest of farmers to process rabbits urine to have additional income,” Agus Mawardi.

In the training there were also sharing sessions with Temanggung business operators with the aim that beneficiaries have a wide network in conducting their livestock business both in marketing and providing rabbit breeding needs.


Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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