kuku-tangan-_160315084248-674 Damaged nail is one of the problems in a person’s self confidence. Many people believe that the damaged nails resulting from fungal infection. Fungal infections indeed resulted in 50 percent of nails problem. But many other factors that lead to such problems.

Dermatological problem and benign tumors even malignant tumors can also affect the nails. In addition, exposure to exogenous substances and systemic disorders can also affect it. Here’s an explanation of the problem on the nail.

Fungal nail infections

This infection known as onychomycosis, This infection is mostly caused by dermatophytes which is fungi that is around the nail. Dermatophytes and other fungi tend to attack dystrophic nails especially on parents who have a slow growth rate.


This is other diseases that affect nails. These changes occur because of various things.

Tumor or lump under or around the nails

It cannot be underestimated as brownish black discoloration of the nail or surrounding skin. It is caused by a benign warts or lentigo that change the nail. Consultation with a physician becomes very important to find the cause of nails problem. Nail changes may also provide clues about the disorder or chronic disease that affects various organs manifesting in the nails. All nail problems should be treated at the earliest before they cause dangerous diseases that are difficult to handle.


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