After working all day, everyone wants to go to bed early so they wake up early in a fit body. Sleeping for seven to eight hours is highly recommended for adults. But have you ever felt sleepy even though you had enough sleep?

These conditions will usually interfere with your performance. To overcome this, you need to know the cause. It could be because you are accustomed to doing some of the things below that make you feel sleepy the next day.

Looking over the smartphone before going to bed

Looking over the smartphone before going to sleep is one of the causes of your sleep being of poor quality. Why? Radiation produced by the device can interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin which functions to help the body rest.

The blue light can stimulate hundreds of nerves in the brain to always be awake. It is advisable to keep your cell phone far from the bed.


Stress makes it difficult for nerves and muscles to relax, so you have difficulty resting optimally. As a result, you will feel tired even though you have spent six to eight hours of sleep.

Create a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom. You do this by turning off the lights, turning on aromatherapy, or playing a song that evokes a comfortable atmosphere. You can also drink mineral water or warm milk before going to sleep to reduce the level of tension in your muscles and nerves due to stress.

Lack of exercise

Carbohydrates that you consume will be able to turn into energy. But this happens when there is a burning process in the body. If left unchecked, carbohydrates will actually turn into glucose.

This is a factor that causes the body to relax. By exercising, carbohydrates will be burned and turned into energy that makes you feel healthy and fit.

Sleeping too long

During holidays, sometimes people take ‘revenge’ by getting up later. This can actually interfere with your resting routine.

The body that is accustomed to the hours of sleep during the workday, if you change on weekends, you will instead become easily fatigued and have to repeat the process of adaptation back to your hours of sleep. It is recommended, you should only add 30 minutes of rest time on weekends.

Staying up late

The same as sleeping too long, staying up late also makes the body patterns different from normal. Therefore, the body needs time to recover and adapt to different patterns from usual.


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