Consuming juice provides many benefits to the body. In addition to the condition of the body being healthy and fresh, the most prominent thing is to make the skin more radiant.

Reported in the Times of India, Tuesday (1/8), the dynamics of daily activities that are full of pressure, can steal the natural light of the face. Worse, there are no creams or skin care products that can restore natural light from the skin.

The food and drinks we consume also reflect the condition of the skin, especially the face. There are a number of fruits that benefit skin conditions. Especially if consumed in the form of juice.


To make the skin more radiant, only a few ingredients are needed, namely two carrots, one orange, one beetroot, one tomato, and one lemon. The combination of fruits has amazing taste and extraordinary benefits.


How to make it quite easy, just put everything in a blender, then strain. If you want more powerful juices, mix a small piece of ginger. Actually, ginger is effective against acne and functions as a natural skin toner.


Why is the fruit mixture miraculous? Carrots contain vitamin C which has natural healing properties. In addition, beta-carotene in carrots can help reduce skin inflammation. Oranges, also known to have benefits for the skin, oranges have high citric acid which helps exfoliate the skin.

Then, the beet not only gives the skin a natural red color, but also cleanses the blood and removes toxins so that it gives you healthy glowing skin. Furthermore, tomatoes can relieve black spots on the skin, no doubt the benefits of its antioxidant content. Meanwhile  Lemon is rich in antibacterial properties. Lemon is also best for treating acne.


This juice mixture is suitable to be consumed by the bride and groom before the wedding day. A bride must try the juice because it makes the skin glow naturally.


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