MEMBER BINAAN RZ USAHAKU SEMAKIN BERKEMBANG!Haifa (22) is an assisted member of RZ’s economic assistance in RZ east Jakarta branch, Jatinegara Kaum who is a pastries businessman. The Business growth fairly smoothly.

On august 11 RZ distributed venture capital assistance to Haifa at her residence on Jl. Metro Jaya II RT 004/07 Kayu Putih, Pulogadung – Jakarta.

“My Business before assisted by RZ was running quite smoothly because at that time I had to borrow money to relatives to buy materials and business equipment. Then, based on the info from my friend, I ventured to register as RZ assisted member” She said.

“Once I get assistance from RZ, the businesses that I do is growing. I can add to the inventory of tools and I am also able to collect a lot of profit so I can help my family economic condition.” She continued.

Haifa is very grateful for the help from RZ, other than to get help venture capital and business facilities, She is also getting feedback and tips to develop her business.

“I want to thank you very much for the help gave me, hopefully in the future I can create and innovate again to make business that I do continues to grow.” Haifa said gratefully.

Business turnover before assisted by RZ is Rp 6 million per month, and after assisted by RZ it increase to Rp 10 million per month with THP approximately 30-40% of the turnover.


Newsroom/Nurul Ulfa Amelia

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