A healthy lifestyle needs to be created by yourself. It would be better if a healthy lifestyle starts from small changes so as not to burden you right away.

Reporting from apartementheraphy, Friday (10/1), although these changes look small, these changes give a very positive impact on the body. This simple method is also easy for everyone to practice.

Breath training

The Integrative Medicine Director at Stamford Healthcare, Joseph Feuerstein, MD, says that breathing consciously is one of the most powerful tools for mental and physical health. Breathing exercises trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which can “turn off” the response or fight so that this exercise is very helpful when stress arises.

Get used to regulate breathing, especially when feeling tired or upset. Additionally, Feuerstein recommends breathing exercises for 30 seconds to relax your mind and body when agitated. Close your eyes, then breathe through your nose, hold your breath for four counts, then exhale slowly.

“Doing this breathing exercise can help the physiological state of relaxation,” he said.

Taking the cellphone out of the room

Ellen Vora, MD, a holistic psychiatrist in New York, said that moving the cellphone away from the room is a great way to improve sleep quality and mental health.

“Basically, by making changes to move the cell phone away from the room can help you sleep early and better. Because it does not interfere with the rhythm of the turnaround time and is not addicted to delaying sleep,” he said.


Want to be more active, but the gym far from home? No need to enter a gym membership, just track each step using the health application on mobile, then adjust to how many activities are carried out.

Many people have succeeded in doing so as to produce a better life. While everybody is different, Feuerstein recommends that women take 8,000 steps a day to maintain a healthy heart and lungs, which will produce energy.

Take a bottle of water everywhere

Often some people forget to consume water, whereas hydration is a very important part of health. Hydration is able to regulate and maintain organs to keep functioning properly.

Don’t focus on the recommended number of cups a day, this cannot be advocated because everyone has different needs. Feuerstein said that it is better to consume water and adjust yourself because urinating with light yellow color is healthier than darker.

It indicates that urinating with discolored color indicates dehydration so it is advisable to bring water bottles everywhere so you do not forget to drink.

Eat more varied

Don’t compare “good” or “bad” foods, just try to make the food more varied while you can. Feuerstein said that each colored fruit and vegetable contains different phytonutrients so it is recommended to vary, such as one side dish of spinach (green), and one portion of red (paprika).

Cook your own food

Everyone’s situation is different, but when time is free, Vora said that cooking food at home is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle, it can strengthen the body and senses.

To make cooking at home easier and avoid stress, Vora said that he often recommends his clients to hire TaskRabbit for one hour a week for tasks such as shopping for food that can be accessed easily.

Having more communication

Communities who have connections will achieve social welfare, but now there are many obstacles that occur to simply meet face to face with others, especially at home.

Vora said she often advises patients not to be too busy with work in order to be able to communicate more often with people at home.

“We are in an epidemic of loneliness. We feel like we can’t have friends because the house is a mess or we don’t want to shop and have plans to eat together,” he said.


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