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If you read the hadith, of course we are very familiar with the name Abu Hurairah. He is a companion who most widely narrated the hadith of the Prophet, he narrated 5,374 hadith.

Abu Hurairah convert to Islam in 7 H, the year when Khibar war happened, the Prophet himself who gave the nickname “Abu Hurayrah”, when he see him carrying a little cat. The nickname of the Prophet is only because of his love for her.

Abu Hurairah R.A not classified in the ranks of the writer, but he is a skilled in memorizing and has powerful memory. Because he had no land to be planted or commercial that will keep him busy, he did not part with the Prophet, whether in a travel or settled.

Thus he make himself expertise to memorize the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad and his direction. When the Prophet had returned to Rafikul’Ala (dead), Abu Hurairah, constantly convey the hadiths, which causes most of his companions were astonished, wondering where the hadith comes from, when did he hear it? And when did he memorize it?
Abu Hurayrah explains the secret why only he alone who spend a lot of history of the Messenger of Allaah ‘alaihi wasallam:

– First, because he took the time to accompany the Prophet more than the other companions.

– Secondly, because he has a strong memory, which has been given the blessing by the Prophet, until he became more and more powerful.

– Third, he was told not because he likes to tell a story, but because of the belief that spreading the hadiths which he is responsible to religion and life. If it does not mean he hid kindness and including negligent person who will undoubtedly receive punishment negligence.

That is why he had to preach, no one was going to stop and no one should forbid until one day Amirul Mu’minin Umar said: “Be ye stop delivering news of the Prophet! If not, then I’ll return you to the Daus land! “( the land where his people, and his families live).

However, this prohibition does not contain a charge for Abu Hurayrah anhu, just as the affirmation of a view held by Umar, namely that Muslims in that time period, do not read and memorize the others, except the Qur’an until he sticks and steady in the hearts and minds.

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