By: Imam Nur Suharno

“O children of Adam, wear your beautiful clothes in every mosque, and eat and drink, and do not be excessive. Indeed, He does not like those who commit excess.” (QS Al-A ‘raf [7]: 31).

The meaning ‘do not be excessive’ in the above verse as explained in the Qur’an and its translation is not to exceed the limits needed by the body and also not to exceed the limits of halal food.

Related to that, The Prophet SAW said, “there is nothing worse for a person to fulfill other than his stomach, even though only a few mouthfuls are needed to straighten his back. If he is forced to do, then one third is for food, one third for drinks, and one third for breathing.”(HR Ahmad, Nasa ‘i, Tirmidzi, and several other narrators).

Overeating can cause inertia and overload on the digestion and fermentation of food in the stomach. This can sometimes cause wounds and inflammation in the stomach, esophagus, and duodenum.

Hilmy al-Khuly in his book Mukjizat Kesembuhan Dalam Gerakan Shalat or Miracle of Healing in the Prayer Movement, said, if the stomach is filled with food, then the fermentation process arises in it and can cause various negative effects, namely in’ikas ashabiy (reflection of reflexes and reversal of nerves) to the condition of the heart; idhthirab al-qalb (palpitations) which pressure may decrease and may also increase; and the occurrence of heart spasms.

Because of that, the Prohphet SAW provided guidance in eating food in an effort to control lust. First, qul bismillaahi, say bismillah when you want to eat. Second, kul biyamiinika, eat with your right hand. And third, kul mimmaa yaliika, eat the one closest to you. (HR Muslim).

In another hadith, the Prophet SAW said, “We are a people who will not eat until we feel hungry. If we eat, we eat not until we are full. (Rasulullah also said) Leave food (precisely) when you really want it.”

Consequently, through the control of this lust, we will avoid a variety of life-threatening diseases. Because the stomach is a den of disease, as said Harith bin Kaldah, an Arabian physician, Diet (regulate diet) is the main of all treatments, while the stomach is a den of disease. Therefore, return the body to its proportional needs.” God knows best.


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