MENTORING KEWIRAUSAHAAN RZ APRESIASI PARA MEMBER BINAANCILEGON.RZ Cilegon held entrepreneurial mentoring to the members in RZ Cilegon’s office, Friday afternoon (20/01) ago. A total of 21 people from various business backgrounds attended the event. Activities organized once every week is filled with sharing on the development and evaluation efforts of the members of mentoring evaluation of Beneficiaries (PM), at the Nurul Iman Mosque Ramanuju.

The series of development activities as opening directly by Wawan RZ Volunteer as MC and then the activity continued with mentoring entrepreneurship by facilitator RZ were expressed about the motivation of business and Evaluation on the progress of the business and activity mentoring of beneficiaries in 2016 which is an ongoing process and sustainable.

Evaluation departing from the activities of monitoring and each process in a business carried on, the results of monitoring can be made analysis of the progress, setbacks and attainment of what was already being implemented. There are 4 beneficiaries to get a reward from the results of the evaluation, they are Mukaromah on Sistik business, Juwita on Karedok business, Saadiyah on garlic chips business and Saromah on gegetas chip  business.

Evaluation and monitoring activities for the beneficiaries of SMEs as well as a means of learning and self-upgrade process, In this process can be found new things and new strategies to achieve success business aims to improve learning motivation and business mentoring in order to have balance in science other than that the mentoring also accompanied with religious material so that the beneficiaries have a balance knowledge on religious and business.

Mr. Mukaromah (38) who earn reward as the best beneficiary is  the beneficiary who has sistik business, then she explained how she runs her business. “I am happy to follow this mantoring, other than that I get motivation to advance my business, I am also grateful can get reward. Thanks RZ, I hope my business and my friends here the more advanced and developed.” Mukaromah said.

Besides sharing on the business mentoring, the beneficiaries also get a form to evaluate the introduction and Self development and business delivered by Humaedi as facilitators of RZ Cilegon.


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