The importance of filling the stomach in the morning with a good and nutritious breakfast, not only can keep your weight but also make you more concentrated throughout the day. But more importantly if your breakfast menu can also prevent the stress generated work in the office.

Psychiatrist Aparna Iyer discloses MD in MindBodyGreen that a healthy lifestyle includes maintaining a balanced diet, exercise and sleep, and breakfast is a good start to a stress-free day. This is what he suggests for anti stress morning.

Oatmeal and fruit

Oatmeal with milk and extra fruits is not only filling, but also healthy for cardio health, maintaining healthy blood vessels, blood sugar levels and heart work.

Fruit and vegetable juice

If you want a fresh breakfast, then fruit and vegetable juice could be the right choice to fill your busy morning. Choose fruity fruits such as bananas, avocados or apples combined vegetables such as mustard greens, celery or tomatoes. This excellent breakfast keeps your blood sugar levels and meets the daily vitamins without making you fat.


Do not like fruit juice? Make sure you have breakfast with eggs. Make omelette with mixed vegetables. If you are tired of frying eggs, you can make boil eggs and eat just like that, healthier because without oil.

That’s 3 healthy breakfast menu that is suggested that you are free hungry, emotions remain under control and not easy to stress when working.

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