From Al Hasan, the Prophet said, “Will you tell me about the worst of thieves?” Companions asked, “Who is he, O Messenger of Allah?” The Prophet replied, “The person who stole from his prayers.” Companion asks, “How can someone steal from his prayer?” He said, “He did not perfect his bowing and prostration.”

In another story, the Prophet had told those who had prayed to repeat their prayers three times. The reason is that, when praying, the person has not perfected his ablution, takbir, standing, reading, bowing, prostration, and thuma’ninah. The Prophet explained the correct way as much as four times till completion, and then said, “The prayer of a person among you will not be perfect before doing that.”

Praying alone is not enough, but must reach the level of perfection. The obsession of perfection is not coercion, but so that the soul of prayer is absorbed and embedded to form praiseworthy character and produce benefit, blessing, and self-improvement.

The perfection of prayer begins with perfecting wudhu and perfecting all series of movements in prayer. The movements are so light and easy. However, if the movement is not adjusted to the example and instructions of the Prophet, the movement will only be an irregular movement without meaning.

Each movement has its own soul, role, and meaning that will reflect positive and constructive power. It is a rhythm of unity that supports one another and perfects the next movement.

Wudhu means cleansing bad character and sin. Facing the Qibla, confronting the soul wholeheartedly with solemn and humble self. Takbiratul Ihram, enlarges the Substance of Allah. Recite the surah by experiencing and wanting to practice it. Bowing and prostration, the manifestation of submission, obedience, and total surrender to the Supreme Being.

When the movements of the body and soul of prayer are familiar, patterned, and in tune with the example of the Prophet, humans will be accustomed to also follow the movements and patterns of life exemplified by the Prophet. Compliance outside prayer is directly proportional to compliance in prayer.


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