By: Agus Sopian

In this life, there are two possibilities, good destiny, and a bad destiny. That is the implication of good destiny and bad destiny which have become the sixth pillar of the pillars of faith. Therefore, we as human beings who must undergo their destiny must be grateful for facing a good destiny, and be patient when facing bad destiny.

Such an attitude will always lead us to goodness, and that is something very amazing for a believer, as said by the Prophet SAW. “It is amazing for a believer, if all his affairs are very good for him, and it will not happen for a believer, except when he gets the happiness he is grateful, which is very good, and if he is stricken with distress he is patient, which is very good for him.” (HR Muslim).

Destiny is a meeting between human endeavor or effort and the will of God. People who understand destiny will be steadfast in life. He believes all the good and bad things are solely from the will of Allah. Allah predestined, willed, and created the events. Everything that Allah wants will happen, and vice versa, if Allah does not want something to happen, nothing will happen. However, everything that Allah has predestined, there must be wisdom behind it, whether we know it or not.

Understand that destiny with all your faith. Believing wholeheartedly is the key to peace of heart. In fact, destiny aims to make someone feel inferior before Allah. Realizing that He alone is the Almighty of all things. Hang all our prayers and endeavors with Him. Do your best in every process.

When all efforts have been made, perfect it with a great attitude of trust. Allah says, “Say: ‘It will never happen to us but what Allah has decreed for us. He is our Protector, and only to Allah those who believe must put their trust in’.” (QS at-Taubah: 51).

Mistakes in dealing with destiny sometimes make us often make wrong life decisions. Not infrequently we complain, frustration, or vent in various forms of action, even dare to blame God. In fact, it could be that what Allah intended is to test how strong our faith is, who has the most right to be on His side. Rasulullah SAW said, “Verily, Allah SWT when he loves a person, He tests him. Whoever is pleased then he gets pleasure and who hates, he will only get hatred.” (HR at-Tirmidhi).

When conditions are good and happy, we hope that Allah will always add to the favor. And when things are the opposite, we must be aware that soon the goodness of Allah will surely come to greet us. He said, “Verily, together with adversity, there is easiness. Indeed, with adversity, there is easiness.” (Surah Al-Insyiroh: 5-6).

Allah is just, He will predestine something according to His knowledge and calculations. He will not burden His servants beyond the limits of ability. Therefore, under no circumstances can we only be prejudiced to Allah. Believe that whatever Allah predestines, is actually for the good of His servants. Wallahu a’lam.


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