By: Fajar Kurnianto

Once, a few years after the Prophet SAW died, Abdullah bin az-Zubair (Ibnu az-Zubair), to the nephew of Aisha RA, once asked his aunt. “O Auntie, tell me the most special thing you find in the Prophet Muhammad?”

When asked, Aisyah was silent, not directly answering. Tears began to flow. She was crying as gently as she was, so heart-wrenching, until Ab dullah bin az-Zubair thought he ask at the wrong moment. He said, “Auntie, if you cannot answer now it’s okay.”

In between sobs, Aisha then said, “How much this heart miss him. I missed him so much. “She went on to say,” O my nephew, you ask me the most special thing I find in him, I do not know how to answer because the whole thing in him is special. “In another story, Aisha was also asked someone about her husband’s morals, then she replied, “Her morality is the Koran.” The man asked again, “What does that mean?”

Aisha replied, “The Qur’an tells of those who are patient. Know, he is the most patient person in the world. When the Qur’an tells of the people who pray khusyuk, then he is the most solemn prayer. When Al qur an enjoins ten tang sede kah, ikhlas, forgive whoever is wrong, then he is the most generous, sincere, and sorry. If someone says that they do not read the Qur’an though, see him alone he can find what the Qur’an is like. ”

The Prophet (s) had indeed died, but the longing for him had never been disappeared within his own people, especially his wife, Aisha. Longing that evokes more passion to follow and imitate his character in life.

All that the Prophet does is special because he is the embodiment of the Qur’an and always in the guidance of God. Therefore, Allah says that the person who claims to love the Prophet needs to prove it by following him, “Say (Muhammad), ‘If you love God, follow me, Allah will love you and forgive your sins.’ , Most Merciful. “(Surah Ali Imran [3]: 31).

The one who really misses the Prophet is the person who not only remembers or mentions his name, but more importantly also imitates the noble character and follows the teachings of the prophet wholly. Someone has not been said to miss the Prophet if his behavior is contrary to his noble character. Wallahu a’lam.

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