KAB. BATANG. Empowerment program continues to be rolled out by Rumah Zakat, one of which is the KUB Sejahtera Jaya (Business Group) program that was rolled out in Simbangdesa Empowered Village, Tulis District, Batang Regency, Central Java.

With the aim of printing creative entrepreneurial groups this business will be focus on creating creative local products. This idea gets a positive response from Simbangdesa Village Head.

“I’ve been waiting for a business group that can drive creative business of local products, “added Head of Simbangdesa Village.

The first meeting of KUB Sejahtera Jaya was held on Sunday (29/10) ago, the inaugural meeting was attended by 4 business actors, each representative from the hamlet.

“Representatives from each hamlet will later become creative entrepreneurial drive for their respective hamlets, lots of youth potential can be involved, it make them to be more productive and creative in order to increase family income with this program “said Empowered Village Facilitator, Bachtiyar.

In addition, KUB is also a means of discussion preparation of Typical Product Expo of Local Government that held in Batang Regency this month and products expo in December.

“With the collaboration and encouragement of Rumah Zakat our creativity can be channeled, which was originally just welder of trellis and stainless canopy, now we get alternative creative and rare ideas by utilizing the skills we have, “said Panji Nugroho (27), a member of KUB Sejahtera Jaya.

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