By: Amin Sudarsono, Rumah Zakat Humanity Team in Bangladesh

Two boys, one shirtless, one without a thread. They are busy taking a bath in pump wells. The water pump was newly installed, no plaster underneath, still brown clay.

“What is your name?” me asking. “Nujibullah,” replied the little boy. Bengali flavors thick on his tongue.

Nujibullah and his brother were taking a bath. In between the rinsing of their shiny jelly skin, they drank the water out of their pipe. The color is light brown.

I am curious. Then take water using two hands. The taste, the thick mud. I get it out of my mouth again. My inner, how can they drink that water huh? Still mixed with mud.

I see, distended belly marks malnutrition. Reflect once the Rohingya refugee child. Eat potluck, rely on help, drink any raw ground water.

Dysentery, cholera, and terrible plague surround the children. Nujibullah only one, but who fared like him and his brother, there are hundreds of thousands. They are orphans, both biological and state. Their father died in Myanmar, they did not know where their mother is, and they were not considered any citizen.

This is the face of the Rohingya refugee children. We must help. Rumah Zakat will distribute food aid to refugees again. After that Rumah Zakat will build a temporary shelter which is habitable, and including clean water facilities. So that they can bathe, and drink decent water.

I, Hendrik Andika, Rumah Zakat Humanity Team, currently at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh invites you to help provide a decent life for them.

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