SOLO. (07/01) Educational Empowerment conducted by Rumah Zakat in Solo is not only limited in the target area alone. Through Juara Mobile Car, empowerment in the field of education becomes more widespread.

Juara Mobile Car is an educational program that provides library facilities traveling for children in landfill, kindergarten or school in need of facilities literacy. Not only serves as a mobile library, Car Champion as well have lots of educative props for kids.

“Sometimes we also bring in storytellers or playing traditional games. Usually we adjust to the needs in the field, the kindergarten children usually prefer storytellers, “said Punto Jatmiko, Juara Mobile Car of Rumah Zakat Solo.

“Actually the Juara Mobile Car has a regular schedule around, but we accept if there is a request to certain areas around Solo as long as it is not clashed with schedule that already exist, “he added.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti


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