RZ LDKO CilegonBANDAR LAMPUNG. Gito Hadoyo or Gito is a micro entrepreneur. He spends his days by selling chicken noodle in the downtown of Bandar Lampung. Gito has 3 children who are still in school namely Galih Yuswa Wibowo (Senior High School), Gunawan Setiaguna (Junior High School, and Dian Trisna Handayani (Elementary School).

Gito has run this business for almost 4 years and his business was up and down. At that time he experienced several problems such as limitation of business capital, facility and marketing skill. However, his children’s success is always a booster for him.

His business began to develop significantly when he received business capital assistance, business facility assistance, and regular business training and counseling from RZ.

Now, he could sell hundreds bowls of chicken noodle every day. Moreover, he also could earn up to 5 million rupiah per month as net profit. ***

Newsroom/Mandiri Daya Insani
Bandar Lampung

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