YOGYAKARTA. Instead of staying at home, 11 housewives in Brontokusuman Empowered Village (Desa Berdaya) created various activities to empower themselves and the surrounding environment.

After years of gathering in a majelis taklim, they finally received assistance from Rumah Zakat to form a empowering group, namely NakNik.

NakNik itself is taken from the word “knick-knacks”, something that is considered to represent the word creativity and is easy to remember and pronounce.

“We initially only had Taklim assembly groups who then thought of making something more useful for themselves and the community,” said Uut, one of the beneficiaries who also acted as the initiator.

Various training such as cooking, beauty class, ribbon embroidery, and parenting have been carried out by NakNik. In addition to being filled by NakNik members who have expertise, often they also present outside speakers who are also experts in their respective fields.

Although the training notification was held by NakNik only through Facebook and WhatsApp broadcast, it turned out that there are many enthusiastic housewives who interested in the training, Not only from Brontokusuman, but also training participants who came from neighboring villages far enough.

“Recently we just held a discussion about stunting by presenting a nutritionist, Pramitha Sari who received an extraordinary response from the participants. “They are even allowed to consult privately, so the program will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 7 p.m.,” said Uut.

Until now the training conducted by NakNik is still free, even if paid for the money is used to buy the necessary teaching materials. Slowly, NakNik began to be known in Brontokusuman and its surroundings. The lack of a clear curriculum has made the training materials made every two weeks still uncertain.

“Of course, NakNik still has a lot of shortcomings, in the future we want to make a curriculum so that the training can be sustainable, and it requires a lot of funds. We’re slowly starting now, “Uut added.

Prihatin Nurlatifah


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