By: Biki Zulfikri Rahmat

Rasulullah SAW said, Indeed every practice depends on his intentions. Everyone will get what he intends. Whoever migrates for Allah and His Messenger then migrates for Allah and His Messenger. Whoever migrates because he seeks the world or because of the woman he marries, then his migration would to where he wishes (HR Bukhari and Muslim).

Allah SWT is happy, affectionate, and loves His servants who are always in Taqwa. Because with his piety, he will be able to realize his existence (consciousness of God) in everyday life. With the awareness of the presence of Allah in this life, a servant will really stay away from his prohibitions and immediately fulfill His commands.

Why? Because he will love Allah more than anything that every commandment will be carried out immediately. Our consistency in worshiping Allah will surely cause Allah to fall in love with us as we love doing good deeds. Although the deeds that we carry out are few, but successfully doing it consistently, Insha Allah, will make Allah love us, those who are pious. Then, in what way are we able to reach the level of piety to be loved by Allah SWT?

He will feel happy when we always meet Him in a quarter of the night, and when angry, we never complain before Him. Be in a hurry to approach Allah, so that our hearts and souls are smeared with His light, enlightened our mind, and expand the door of insight. Thus, we will be human beings who sees and accepts a difficult life with grace.

Allah SWT is different from state officials, who must pass through protocols when one needs to meet. He (Allah) is always ready 24 hours full on standby to listen to our complaints, to be confided in, and respond to our prayers. Therefore, approach God with sincerity, as well as cleanse and purify your intentions.

Because without sincerity and purity, the heart will be easily polluted by a stubborn and dedication of lust. As a result, when we approach Allah with dirty intentions, every worship will be in vain. Approaching Him is uncomplicated and has no priorities even without having another person convey your deeds, you will get merit from the Divine.

In the Qur’an, Allah says, And indeed We have created man and know what his heart whispers, and We are closer to him than his jugular vein, (QS Qaaf [50]: 16). In conclusion, with dirty, stubborn, lustful, and low intentions, certainly, their worship would be in vain. The process of approaching Allah would go to waste.

Therefore, to approach Allah, one must have a sincere intention. Because the intention is the most basic foundation. With the right intention, our deeds will become an effort to approach Him which would feel joyful, blissful, and beneficial. Wallahua’lam.


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