JAKARTA. 5th and 6th grade students of SD Juara Jakarta Timur assisted by Rumah Zakat, held an outing class at Balai Pustaka and Kota Tua. Monday (10/22) at 07.00 WIB until 15.30 WIB, the first visit was Balai Pustaka. Upon arrival students gathered at the Literature Cafe.

Before going around Balai Pustaka, students were given a briefing by Ms. Rahma and Ms. Nindi. The 6th grade group is guided by Ms. Rahma and the class 5 group guided by Ms. Nindi. There are many lessons and experiences that can be taken, students know history of National Heroes, watching legend films, messages from figures, seeing audio books, viewing poster slogans and more.

Students were asked to give their impressions and messages, 2 people from 5th grade namely Miranda and Farhan. From 6th Farhan and Syifa. They get a reward in the form of a glass and pens, because they managed to give the best impression and message about a visit to Balai Pustaka.

“I was impressed with the films, the books and also at Balai Pustaka, there were words and titles of books made by heroes,” Said Miranda, 6th grade student.

Finally, thank you from Rahmat Ilahi as the Principal of SD Juara Jakarta Timur for Balai Pustaka. They give memories in the form of books, then proceed with photos. The second visit to Kota Tua, students get knowledge of historic old buildings, and learn about clean times.


Fitri Meiany / Lailatul Istikhomah

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