RZ LDKO CilegonSAMARINDA. Sunday (22/3), RZ held a regular program named Pekan Berbagi Senyum (PBS) with three organization members namely Cita Sehat Foundation, Mandiri Daya Insani, dan Indonesia Juara Foundation. This program was implemented in the official residence of the mayor of Samarinda.

PBS is program where RZ invited public to share with others who need. In this action RZ and its members distributed scholarship assistance, supplementary food, and Superqurban corned to the society. In addition, RZ also invited Rebana Asmaul Husna, an Islamic music group which is formed by RZ, to perform in front of the audiences.

In the last session, RZ invited ustadz Ahmadi to explain the importance of Zakah, Infaq, Shadaqa. “Through this program we would like to invite the society to share with they who need,” Erip Saeful, Community Developer of RZ, said. ***

Newsroom/Erip Saeful

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