PAK NURSALIM, “SAYA SENANG KALAU SAPI-SAPINYA JADI GEMUK DAN SEHAT” Nursalim (37), one of the staff at RZ’s farm prepare and provides grass and drinking water for RZ sacrificial animals, particularly cow. He also cleans the cage and disinfect the cows to remove attached ticks.

This year, Mr. Nursalim has a duty to take care of 60 cows for qurbany worship, he is very happy with this task.

“I love taking care of cows. Glad to see the cows so fat and healthy, People who want to perform qurbany worship must be very happy seeing fat and healthy cow. “Said Nursalim.

Pak Nursalim is new this year helping in RZ farm, but even so, he did not lose the spirit with other professional colleagues who had been longer helping RZ, Nursalim have one wife, and two children. Previously, he worked in Bulog wrehouse, and has a side job to feed animals in other farms.

Specifically for Superquban project, Nursalim earn 100,000 Rupiah per day to work taking care of RZ’s sacrificial animals. He worked from morning until evening with enthusiasm. He treats the animals with excellent and properly like his own pet.

“Although, he do not yet perform Qurbany worship this year this year, but I am happy to help to take care of sacrificial animals. Hopefully I can get reward. “Stated Nursalim in sidelines activity feeding sacrificial animals

Newsroom/Ria Arianti

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