PALEMBANG (05-05). On the fourth day of Ramadan, Rumah Zakat Volunteers of South Sumatra give Janda Berdaya assistance for widow in Palembang.

This Janda Berdaya package is very useful for helping widows in villages throughout Indonesia.

“Until the fourth day of Ramadan we have visited 10 widows in Palembang. We visit and distribute in the form of gifts and cash, “Gandi added.

Janda Berdaya Program is the right solution to help widows without having to marry her. With assets we can share together in this program.

“We are here to provide Janda Berdaya package that is welcomed by the families and widows we visit. So to provide a widow who does not have to marry her, it is enough to donate through this program in Rumah Zakat, “said one of the Rumah Zakat Volunteers.

This was responded positively by one of the beneficiaries, namely 77-year-old Zawiyah, a widow who was very happy when visited by Rumah Zakat Team. She told the volunteer that she had been a widow for 13 years because her beloved husband had died, and now Zawiyah lives with her child.

“Thank you very much, Rumah Zakat, thank you for this empowered widow package. Hopefully, many will commit tithe to Rumah Zakat, “said the granddaughter of 13 grandchildren.


Medi / Silvia

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