MADIUN. Starting from unease to see the fate of the farmers in the area where they live. In 2017 Jetis Village Facilitator, Eka Restia initiated an economic empowerment program in the field of animal husbandry.

Eka also integrates agriculture and livestock to be able to run side by side.

“The farmers here are mostly farm laborers. They cultivate other people’s fields, even if they plant their own they must rent the land to other people,” Eka said.

The income received by the farmers is no more than Rp1.5 million every four months or during the harvest period.

This is the main focus of Eka as an empowerer. How can these farmers get additional income but also not lose their profession as farmers.

As many as nine farmers received assistance in the form of sheep, each of them received two ewes. According to Eka, why are sheep, because raising sheep is not too burdensome for these farmers.

Every day before leaving for the rice fields the farmers bring their sheep to graze around the fields they are working on. Before going home they also look for grass for the sheep in the afternoon or evening.

“With this system, farmers are not burdened with the cost of food, even get extra income,” Eka said.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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