PACITAN. Rumah Zakat again distributed clean water supplies for people who experience drought in Ngagik Hamlet, Bandar Village, Pacitan. Ngagik Hamlet is located right on one of the slopes of Pacitan Mountain.

Most of the people who live in Ngagik village are the victims of landslide disaster that occurred several years ago. “Most of the people here from displacement of landslides down there, including me “Said Mbah Katinem, one of Ngagik Hamlet residents.

Since morning (10/09), people started flocking bringing jerry-can, buckets and water containers to meet their water needs.

“The source of water dried, it has been two months, we have to take water from Tegalan, every morning and evening, it is about 3 km away from here, and again that well do not give us much water anymore and the water is smelly” Continued Mbah Katinem while filling the water into small jerry-can.

“The water is clean, clear and fresh, we are very grateful to have assisted, I am touched” Said Sijum looks teary while carrying her large white bucket filled with water.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah

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