PERCAKAPAN DAN PAPARAN RUMAH ZAKAT DI MEDIA SOSIAL DAPAT APRESIASIREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Muslim Generation in Indonesia were raised in the socio-political background, and the way of thinking it has own peculiarities. Makes the growth of development in Islamic-based businesses.

As stated by branding experts Yuswohady. One characteristic of Gen M are their intelligences of technology. Gen M is very familiar with the gadgets and the internet. “This is the background we pay special attention to online-based interaction,” said Nur Efendi, CEO of Rumah Zakat.

The policies has been realized by Rumah Zakat for belonging lots of social media such as twitter, facebook and instagram. “Thank God, we also get a good appreciation of the netizens. In early February,  Rumah Zakat ranked in the first as humanitarians of the most widely discussed netizens on Twitter, “said Nur.

Analytic data of the exposure was released by the GDI Lab, a technology company that develops software for analyzing interactions across social media platforms. Among other institutions, Rumah Zakat get a number of conversations (1999 posts) and  (184.3 million exposure), the highest from four other humanitarian agencies in Indonesia.

“Through social media, we can learn a lot from donors, partners, and society in general. Because through these conversations we can know more about what and how to provide the best public service. It becomes part of amanah, “said Nur Efendi.


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