PERGESERAN TANAH DI BANDUNG RUSAK 348 RUMAH, RZ SALURKAN BANTUAN On Sunday (07/17) to Thursday (07/21) there has been a natural phenomenon that is scree in Kampung Babakanmindi, Nagrak, Babakanjaya, Pasirpogor, Cijeruk, Kebonhonje, Cimenteng. Village: Nagrakjaya and Cimenteng Subdistrict: Curugkembar. Based on the information the disaster happened due to the high rainfall.

The disaster was preceded by a landslide about 50 meters in the evening at 07.00 AM, an interval of 2 days from landslide the scree began to happen and caused several houses damaged.

Besides, some of the impacts of the disaster inscribed by them, such as:
– Impact of Population: 304 households, 864 people. With the following specifications:
1. Kp. Nagrak Rt.001 / 001: 57 FAMILY
2. kp. Pareang Rt.001 / 001: 7 FAMILY
3. Babakanjaya Rt.002 / 001: 57 FAMILY
4. Babakanmindi Rt.001 / 002: 103 FAMILY
5. Kp. Cijeruk Rt 003/001: 59 FAMILY
6. Kp. Kebonhonje Rt.001 / 003: 17 FAMILY
Rt. 001/004: 1 FAMILY
7. Kp. Lightning Rt.005 / 003: 2 FAMILY
8. Kp. Sand Pogor Rt.003 / 001: 1 FAMILY

– The impact of damage to the house:
a. Village Nagrakjaya
Severely Damaged: 148 units
Damaged: 91 units
Minor damage: 70 units
Threatened: 39 units

As for other damage includes: 4 mosque unit lightly damaged, 4 majelis taklim lightly damaged, one unit of boarding school was Severely damaged, one elementary school unit was severely damaged, Nagrakjaya village office was Severely damaged. 1 unit pustu was severely damaged, one Posyandu was severely damaged, 10 hectares of rice fields / gardens were severely damaged.

Besides, there are several roads including the collapsed road Pasirpogor, Babakanjaya roads, streets Babakanjaya – Datarmenteng, road Angkrong – Cijeruk. In addition, there were 65 homes were threatened, and 10 hectares of paddy fields were exposed to avalanches.

“At this time, emergency needs include clean water for cooking and drinking, food for infants and for children, open vehicles to transport goods and refugees and shelter,” said Anto, RZ Volunteer.

Aid already distributed by RZ Volunteer 1000 so far include canned corned SuperQurban submitted to the post BPBDs, 50 boxes of bottled mineral water, 2 points Warm Post and also helped to make cooked rice for the refugees.



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