PERINGATI HARI BUMI, RELAWAN RZ KAMPANYEKAN DIET PLASTIK MALANG. Earth Day is a day of observation of the Earth launched every year on April 22 and is celebrated internationally. Earth Day is designed to raise awareness and appreciation of the planet inhabited by humans.

In commemoration of Earth Day, RZ Malang Volunteer in synergy with the BEM FP UB, Association of Environmental Engineering ITN and Malang Green preneur Community and Tergerak Bergerak Community Moved together carry out “Plastics Diet” campaign at the site of Care Free Day Jl. Ijen, Malang.

This commemoration is designed to increase awareness and appreciation of the planet inhabited by humans.
The action began with “Diet Plastics” socialization and long march around Jl. Ijen, followed by distributing 500 pieces of free tote bag to familiarize people to begin reducing the use of plastic bags. There are also onsite plastic bottles with cheap tumblr, also healthy standby post for a free health check.

Deny, volunteer coordinator of RZ Malang said that this action aims to familiarize the public to perform “Plastics Diet”.
“Indonesia is second largest contributor to the plastic waste in the ocean after China. Plastic waste has a long impact on the environment that affects health. So it is very important to conduct intelligent handling dissemination of plastic waste to the public, “Said Dany.

“Not too late to save the earth. Let’s support “Plastics Diet” movement by using the tote bag and bring a personal water bottle to reduce the spread of plastic waste and support a healthy lifestyle, “Close Dany.


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