peringati-hari-kesehatan-gigi-dan-mulut-klinik-rbg-rz-pekanbaru-edukasi-siswa-juaraPEKANBARU.In commemoration of National Dental and Oral Health Day which falls on September 12 SD Juara Pekanbaru and RZ’s RBG Primary Clinics held educational events, how to brush teeth properly to all students of SD Juara Pekanbaru (09/15).

After carrying out a cheerful morning gymnastics on the playground, the students sit in neat rows welcomed the two envoys of the Guidance Sector of RZ’s RBG Primary Clinics Pekanbaru. This morning’s activities also included as part of Clean and Healthy behavior from school’s UKS Team. Learners have carried toothbrush for brushing teeth from their homes.

Orderly and energetically the students listened to the explanation given by midwives Putri Utami and Rizki Amelia from RZ’s RBG Primary Clinics Pekanbaru. Midwife Putri described the characteristics of healthy teeth and unhealthy, along with the cause of tooth decay, then the midwife daughter also tells how to brush teeth properly.

Learners increasingly excited as midwife daughter asked one developed to demonstrate how to brush teeth properly. Many learners who want to look exemplifies how to brush teeth properly, and therefore chosen three students who will demonstrate how to brush teeth, they are Afiq class 1, class 2 Ibad, and Rara grade 5.

After exemplified by his friends and have understood, then all students try to also practice directly in the yard go to school together. This activity went smoothly.

” Alhamdulillah, on National Dental and Oral Health Day, we made a collaboration with RZ’s RBG Primary Clinics Pekanbaru to educate how to brush teeth properly and the importance of maintaining healthy teeth, but it is also feeding an additional form of fruits.” Said Bayu, Teacher of SD Juara Pekanbaru

Newsroom/Muhammad Bayu Putra

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