1703 PERPUSTAKAAN SMP JUARA BANDUNG TERORGANISIR SECARA BAIKBANDUNG, Thursday, (16/03). Libraries are well organized and systematic manner, directly or indirectly can provide facilities for teaching and learning in schools.

The library is the heart of education for a wide range of information we can get at the library.

Recognizing the importance of it, SMP Juara Bandung trying to provide a library of fun for students.

In the new place, to continue, to strive, to provide a variety of facilities and enough books, student of SMP Juara Bandung already started using the school library as a means to learn.

As on Thursday (16/3) the Eighth grade using the library as a place of learning. According Dewi the teacher of IPA explained, “They chose the library because it may cause excitement for learning.”

In line with his teacher, Cantika, students in grades 8, claimed to feel comfortable with studying in the library.

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