YOGYAKARTA. Pesantren Lansia Permata under guidance of Rumah Zakat is visited by Regional Commission for Elderly of Semarang Regency on (24/10). The entourage consisting of the administrators of the Regional Commission of Semarang Regency and the Sub district Management of Semarang Regency is present at Pesantren Lansia Permata for working visit and comparative study related to elderly program..

“The big group bringing these 56 people came to take inspiration from the management of elderly programs that have been running in Pesantren Lansia Permata, “said Tri Kaesi, the responsible of ┬áPesantren Lansia Permata.

Pesantren Lansia Permata is an empowering forum for the elderly, Tri Kaesi also said the name of Pesantren taken as a hope that someday there will be pesantren (boarding school) which will become the home of elderly.

“Our prayer will someday Allah will build us Pesantren Building, a beautiful home that will be the happy home of the elderly, ” she said.

Pesantren Lansia Permata activity has been running for almost 3 years from activities undertaken on the terraces of the house, and then evolving into a wider range, it also proves that for contribute not necessarily need to have a lot of things.

“It should be encouraging to all of us that to contribute for neighbor does not necessarily start from a fancy thing. All can start from small things and start from the commitment of self and starting from now ” she added in the explanation given to the delegation of the local commission who was welcomed with boisterous applause.

In addition to the presentation of the program, the entourage was treated to various kind of local food made directly by the elderly, in addition elderly product bazaar was presented in the event.

“I never thought our small step, now start inspiring many people, inspires to care about existence the elderly. One of our dreams, our elderly empowerment program will soon be mushrooming all over the country. Until we can be proud that Indonesia is Elderly Friendly. “Tri Kaesi said.

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