The initiator of the Healthy Rasul Style campaign, doctor Zaidul Akbar said, for a healthy life, Muslims must imitate the food consumption pattern of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. If it can be applied, many diseases can be avoided.

First, said Zaidul, when mornings do not eat too much. He suggested that in the morning you should only consume fruits. “That morning is not the right time to eat a lot. Because our hunger hormone is low,” Zaidul said in a talk show entitled The Key to Healthy Living in the Current Age at the Jakarta Convention Center, Central Jakarta, Saturday (31/8).

The Prophet, said Zaidul, always only consumes dates in the morning. As for Zaidul, he admitted that he used to consume two pieces of tempeh and dates. Because tempeh contains prebiotics while dates contain probiotics. Very good for the body when the two elements are consumed together.

Second, eat when the hormone hunger is high, meaning at one o’clock in the afternoon until four o’clock in the afternoon. Even during lunch, he advised not to eat until full.

“The Prophet taught that the body is 1/3 of food, 1/3 of drinks, and 1/3 of air,” said the author of the Healthy Rasul Style Campaign.

He explained, when the body is not too full, it will cause hunger. While hunger itself, he continued, is the body’s time to do detoxification. “Because the detox process can only occur during hunger or fasting,” he said.

Third, before eating try to consume fruits. The point is to prepare the body to process high-intake lunch. He also stressed to eat natural fruit, not processed products in the form of packaged juice.

According to Zaidul, if Muslims were able to follow consumption patterns like the prophet, then many diseases could be avoided. “People who eat well, their faces must be glowing,” said Zaidul.

He stressed, the consumption pattern of the Islamic way is not only healthy for the body but also part of obedience. “The intention to maintain health is to increase our piety,” he reminded.

He also suggested another key to maintaining health according to the pattern of the prophet is to hold hunger. Muslims should start reducing food portions. One of them can be realized by fasting.

In addition, Muslims are also advised not to eat at night. So that when resting, the body can fully detoxify. If Muslims do not immediately change their consumption patterns, said Zaidul, it will be difficult to realize the golden generation of Islam. “There will never be a generation that can rival Al Fatih or Khalid Bin Walid,” he said.

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