SOLO. Saturday (06/01). Beginning in 2018, Posyandu Anugrah RW 37 Kp. Ngemplaksutan posyandu Toddler titles with great enthusiasm. The spirit is shown by committed to provide health education by Puskesmas supported Rumah Zakat and Cita Sehat.

In addition to routinely held health counseling, Posyandu Anugrah and also provide a blend of healthy foods that are varied for toddlers who visit.

“Alhamdulillah, with me attending the routine at Posyandu, my child’s growth is well observed,” said Lestari (33), posyandu cadre and a mother with one of the participants of Posyandu.

Routine counseling activities are given with different themes. Mrs. Ken Rehadi Promkes Officer said that Puskesmas continue to educate to be really healthy society plenary.

“Alhamdulillah Rumah Zakat continues to support,” said Ms. Ken.

Dastri, head of posyandu balita, conveyed the trend of toddlers who weigh always above 75%, and earlier this year that came to 47 children under five.

Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu

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