PRODUKTIFKAN LAHAN, RELAWAN INSPIRASI AJAK WARGA TANAM SAYURANIn order to empower local communities, RZ inspiring volunteer never runs out idea to move empowering the community. Similarly, that was conducted by RZ inspiring volunteer at gang Mendho Mukti RT 6 RW 1 Kacepit hamlet, Wulungsari village, Selomerto district, Wonosobo regency, Central Java.

On Thursday (07/28) at 08:00 am RZ inspiring volunteer invited residents of gang Mendho Mukti to hold a clean-up at the same time to plant vegetable in pollybag.
As for planting vegetables in pollybag was done in order to take advantage of yard area around the house that are less productive.

Implementation began by cleaning the yard, the yard tidied less productive, then vegetables planted include watercress, chives, loncang, etc. in pollybag.

residents of gang Mendho Mukti felt happy and enthusiastic about this activity because they yard become clean and beautiful with pollybag in which contain vegetables, empty land becomes productive, and hopefully the vegetables can flourish and be able to harvest.

” Kyane Wulan ngarep Ra perlu tuku sayur kie ” said bu Umi, which means ‘it seems the next month we do not need to buy vegetables’.

“I am very happy with this activity, I got free pollybag and vegetable seedlings from RZ, and I hope that this vegetable can grow fast and can harvest later.” Mbah Marto added.


Newsroom/Wanda Yulianto

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