Fakta SuperQurban 01-01

Superqurban is an optimization of qurbani based on sharia by processing qurbani’s meat to become corned. The product is initiated to answer the distribution problem of qurbani meat into remote areas and outermost islands in Indonesia. Corned product could last until 3 years thus it can be distributed along year and is effective for nutritional and aqidah guidance. RZ gets a lot of support and appreciation for the organization to distribution of SuperQurban program, because it is considered to be innovative optimization of qurbani meat.

Superqurban as a beneficial product has been perceived by our friends such as in East Indonesia, Tello Island, Kayuwadi Island, Alor Island, Rote Island, Sabu Island, Sumba Island, Komodo Island, Buton island, Obi Island, Raja Ampat island. Superqurban distributed through Expedition program Bhakti PMK or the previously called Bhakti Kesra Nusantara in June 2013 to 2014.

Just as in 2016, in Bhakti PMK Expedition RZ volunteers distributed 30,000 cans of SuperQurban corned in Bajo Pulo Island, Wetar Island, Matakus Island, and Kaimana Island. It was the sixth time, RZ once again entrusted by the Ministry of Human Development and Culture (PMK) to participate in Bhakti PMK expedition.

In addition to the four islands, in 2016 RZ also managed to distribute 800 SuperQurban corned in Food Preparedness Program titled SuperQurban Expedition reaching remote areas and drought-prone village such as Mrico, Lebak village, Grobogan District, Grobogan Regency, Central Java. Still in the same year, RZ also channeled 100 SuperQurban in remote area in Palembang, precisely in Bunga Karang village.

Together with the army and Kopassus RZ also successfully channeled 8000 SuperQurban corned in 6th NKRI West Papua Expedition 2016 in 8 regions expedition, namely Tambrau, Sorong, South Sorong, South Manokwari, Bintuni, Wondama, Fakfak, and Kaimana.

Sobat, you could participate in this SuperQurban program. Our program is clearly different. Qurbani meat is not distributed directly in a day but we make it to become corned in the form of cans @ 200 grams. Slaughtered on the day of Sacrifice, according to shariah, processed with advanced machinery remains clinical and hygienic, distribution could be longer and simple as well as reach out to every corner of the archipelago. No need to worry ill qurbani animal or disability when they arrive at the location.

Corned processing method of qurbani meat in this SuperQurban program has better benefits, including:
1. Sharia-compliant.
Slaughter in healthy condition on Eid al-Adha until the day of tasyrik.
2. Practical.
Easy to carry, easy to open, ready to reach out to various areas of food insecurity in the archipelago
3. Health guaranteed.
Sacrificial animals in quarantine under the supervision of a veterinarian
4. SuperQurban corned durable up to 3 years.
Manufactured by a company that has experience in packaging for export, with MUI halal standards and
supervision of BPOM.
5. Distribution actions carried out throughout the year. Not out in a heartbeat week of Eid al-adha.
6. Distribution program can be better planned and organized.
Reaching over Indonesia. Reaching remote areas, rural and wide range of disasters. Has minimal risk than be
distributed in the form of animal life.
6. Empowering Local Farmers. All stages of production conducted in Indonesia, this program is very effective
in empowering potential of local breeders who is primarily based in pesantren (boarding school).
7. Effective solution to Help Disaster Victims.
Superqurban proven as effective solution to help disaster victim, such as it has helped victims affected by the fires in Samarinda, the victims affected by tornado in Central Lampung, the victims affected by floods in three districts in Bandung, Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot and Bojongsoang, victims affected by floods and landslides in Central Java and helped the victims affected by the fire in Simprag Jakarta in July 2016.

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