RZ Dede Ruhiyat - Pedagang Es KelapaBANDUNG. PT Pos Indonesia and RZ (Rumah Zakat) rebranded micro business facilities and distributed business financial assistance to 30 micro entrepreneurs which are domiciled around PT Pos Indonesia. Those micro entrepreneurs run various types of business such as kupat tahu, baso tahu, and gudeg Jogja.

This program was initiated to inform PT Pos’s concern toward micro entrepreneurs. “Hopefully, the collaboration between PT Pos Indonesia and RZ can be re-implemented,” Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, said, Thursday (14/8).

The consistency of PT Pos Indonesia in distributing assistance to micro entrepreneurs has successfully labeled PT Pos Indonesia as a corporate that concerns toward micro entrepreneurs. “Alhamdulillah, I’ve got business financial and facility assistance. Thanks to RZ and PT Pos Indonesia, hopefully that the program can be implemented continuously,” Dede Ruhiyat, coconut ice water seller, said.

Before distributing assistance, RZ team conducted a survey to several micro entrepreneurs in 5 areas around Bandung and Cimahi. After surveying, RZ found 30 feasible assisted micro entrepreneurs.

This program is in associated with RZ’s Seyum Mandiri that concerns on enhancing social economy. This program is implemented though business assistance, sheep and cow breeding programs.***

Newsroom/ Sari A Rahmawati


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