rz-berikan-paket-berbagi-buka-puasa-_160610162734-889by: Dr A Ilyas Ismail

Fasting cure both types of hunger so that we can be free from the disease vested interest, for further more concerned and aware of the interests of others (social).

Secondly, the person who fasts told to do a lot of charity. The Prophet said, the month of fasting as Shahr al-Muwasah or social awareness month. Prophet Muhammad himself was the most generous, and in the month of Ramadan, he was also doing a lot of generosity, exceeding the west wind. (HR Hakim from Aisha).

Third, at the end of fasting, we were told to issue a zakah fitr, zakah outside the zakah mall, of course. This obligation is completing the social dimension of fasting. Because, without charity, the reward of our fasting is not yet up to God, It is still dependent and circling in the sky.

Beyond all that, the fast train and educate us to be a human with giver mentality (donator) and not taker (beggar). Take and give expression popular in our society, certainly not in line with spirit of fasting. The phrase should be giving and receiving.

Fasting person is actually being imitated Allah, in line with the doctrine, “Takhallaqu bi akhlaq Allah.” Allah is God the Merciful, the Compassionate. Prophet Muhammad is also the same.

Thus, the fasting persons are requested to forward the love of Allah and the Messenger to mankind in a way to do good deed and to share the joy. Thus, fasting makes us smarter, morally, spiritually, and socially, and this is the character of the righteous. Wallahu a`lam.


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