QURAN BARU UNTUK MAK GAYAPADANG. (14/06) Ragaya, it is the full name of a grandmother who is familiarly called by mak Gaya. Mak Gaya stay at Jl. Surau Tower, Gadang, Koto Panjang Ikur Koto, RT 02 RW 02, Koto Tangah, Padang. Mak currently 78 years old.

In her old days, her eyes began to blur and aching legs are not a barrier for Mak Gaya to perform worship, especially reading the Qur’an.

During Ramadan, Mak Gaya and several elderly stay at Surau Pasiban to implement Sholat 40 (Community’s rituals) with humility.

“Mak Gaya is very happy to get quran from RZ. The writing is big and clear so easy to read. The Quran is nice, if I buy this kind of Quran would have been very expensive. Thanks RZ, donators and volunteer who have shared this package. May Allah make reward you all with more sustenance, Aamiin, “said Mak Gaya when getting a new Quran from RZ volunteer.

Newsroom / Al Razi

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